Welcomes You

2017 Driven by initial ideal and affirmative determinations, IMMERI, which consists of German word: “IMMER” and letter “I”; materialized her official inception in year 2017. “IMMER” means “eternity” in German language; whereas letter “I “represents “International”.IMMERI was incorporated on October 2016 and has since become one of the fastest growing Direct Selling company in Greater China and other parts of Asia.

Our Mission

To bring HAPPINESS to our People and Family by keeping everyone HEALTHY, by achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM, through CONTINUOUS GROWTH, and by GIVING BACK TO SOCIETY

Our Vision

We endeavor to be the pride as one of the foremost achievers of Asia’s direct marketing industry. With operations concurrently pivoted in Malaysia and China, we are spearheading our leaps across Asia and some part of Africa

Our Core Values

* Sharing Is Rewarding It is more blessed to give than to take
* Success Breed Success Helping others to succeed
*Filial Piety Respect, Love and Caring