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A Happy Woman, A Happy Family

No doubt at all – when a woman is happy, her family is happy. We need to keep our beautiful women in the pink of health. Women are faced with unique health issues from pregnancy and menopause to gynaecological conditions, such as uterine fibroids, menstrual irregularities, urinary tract infection, bacterial vaginosis and vaginitis. Vaginne is specially designed to preserve and restore feminine intimate health. With Vaginnes, a ultra-modern tube-based antibacterial gel with healing plants extract, will put the bright smile back on the face of a caring woman. Used by women from puberty to menopausal stage, Vaginne, with bioactive ingredients, is mild and non-stimulate, clean and easy-to-use. Regular use of Vaginne will restore and maintain the proper level of hydration of the mucous membranes of the intimate area internally and externally throughout the day.


Increase the inhibition of bacteria, strengthens good bacteria

Inhibits bad bacteria, protects good bacteria, and enhances the self-cleaning mechanism

Firming, Moisturising, Bouncing and Repairing

Aids in the repair of epithelial tissue, boosts nutrients, slows down the aging process and enhances vaginal wall elasticity

Enjoy Bliss

Eliminates odor, has a natural scent– beautifying the body


✅ Excellent Malodor Eliminating Effect
✅ Fights Infections
✅ Excellent Anti-Itch Effect
✅ Relieves Redness And Pain
✅ Moisturizing and Firming Effect

✅ Corrects Menstrual Issues
✅ Excellent Cleansing Effect
✅ Nourishes The Ovaries
✅ Improves The Female Libido
✅ Improves The Quality of Sex Life


Brings you warmth and affectionate love
  • Eco-friendly

  • No animal ingredients

  • No chemicals or synthetic disinfectants

  • No drugs or antibiotics

  • No chemical gel

  • No heavy metals

  • No alcohol

  • No quaternary ammonia inhibitors

Vaginne Testimonial
Dr Mercy Obrempong Complete


PEPTIDE - Our body’s natural healer.

With economy and technology advancement , our lifestyle has improved tremendously , The effect of such development has affected our health in many ways we have never imagined . The food we eat , the water we drink and the air we breathe are inevitably affected by such development . The good news is that more health supplements are available to help us cope with the environmental stress.

Human body is made up of trillions of cells. Research shows that peptides are the fundamental structural and functional unit of the body that keeps us alive. Peptides control our growth and regulate every function in the body as well as forming antibody and hormones. Peptides are found in foods such as milk, eggs, grains and soybeans. However, modern people are lacking of peptide as a results pf massive peptides lost due to unhealthy lifestyle, aging poor absorption and synthesis. How do we get enough of peptide to stay healthy?

Vitide beverage which contains peptides from soy protein extract provides the essential peptides and nutrients for vitality and strength.


      • Exclusive non genetically modified soybeans from North-eastern China
      • Low molecular weight with 100% absorption
      • Biologically active peptide
      • Contains 17 amino acids ( including 9 essential amino acids )
      • Super Active
      • Super high in nutrients
      • Super effective



Activates cellular activity and removes harmful free radicals


Repairs damaged cells and reconditioning cell structures


Promotes cellular assimilative function and normalizes metabolism


Inhibits cell mutations and strengthens bodily immunity


  • Enhances bodily immune power.
  • Helps regulate blood pressure.
  • Effectively reduces blood lipids level.
  • Elevates power of concentration and memory.
  • Reduces muscular strain and trauma, rapid physical restorations.
  • Enhances and firms muscles / strengthens skin muscles.
  • Promotes skin elasticity, relieve menopausal symptoms.

“PEPTIDE” health regimen - Pioneering revolutionary nutrition of 21st century


Vitide is a soy micro molecule bioactive Peptide

Promotes mineral absorption
Lower blood fat and cholesterol
✅Relieves constipation
✅Regulates blood sugar
✅Improves the immune system

✅Prevents cancer
✅Increase immunity
✅Helps in weight loss
✅Fight diseases

VITIDE PRODUCT REVIEW ( Soy Micro Molecule Bio Active Peptide )

Life is joy! Make it light.

There is a growing awareness of illnesses that are not linked to viral or bacteria infection . These illnesses are commonly known as lifestyle diseases. It appears that these lifestyle diseases are associated with nutrient disruption and toxin accumulation which is due to weak digestion as a result of lacking of digestive enzymes. With Immeri’s ground breaking technologies , BioENZ and SMART ( patented ), the nutrients from functional foods are enhanced making them easier to absorb and boost efficacy. When consumed , the digestive enzymes in Adwelle help to increase metabolism and strengthen immune functions. Adwelle contains plant-based ingredients with the combination of fruits and grains. These ingredients are rich in protein , carbohydrates ,fibres , vitamins and minerals. The major digestive enzymes in Adwelle are from papaya and pineapple. These digestive enzymes from the two fruit sources – called papin and bromelain, can take stress off the stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder and small intestine by breaking down difficult -to-digest proteins, starches and fats.


Feature 1: Non - genetic modification of plant material

Adwelle is a plant-based natural supplement that combines both fruits and grains essences, which are rich in protein, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamin, minerals and other nutritional ingredients. The protease extracted from pineapple and papaya is highly bio-catalytic.

Feature 2: Probiotics added

Probiotics are currently found to be the best and functional oligofructose. Its water-soluble fibre can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria such as bifid-bacterium and lactobacillus, and effectively inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Regulates the balance of intestinal bacteria Promotes mineral absorption The intestinal pH level is adjusted to reduce the risk of intestinal disease Lower blood fat and cholesterol Relieves constipation Regulates blood sugar Improves the immune system Enhances flavour

Feature 3: Enhances anti - inflammatory effect

Increases anti-inflammatory effect up to 4 times
Inflammation is a defensive reaction to stimulation. In the process of the human body fighting against an external virus, bacteria or foreign substances, the destruction of tissue and cells is directly or indirectly caused. This is through the inflammation, congestion and exudation reactions, with dilution, killing and encirclement of the aforementioned harmful factors. The damaged tissue can be repaired and healed by the regeneration of parenchyma and mesenchyme cells at the same time.


Adwelle is a Plant based Enzymes with fruits and grains

✅Promotes mineral absorption
✅Lower blood fat and cholesterol
✅Relieves constipation
✅Regulates blood sugar
✅Improves the immune system

✅Enhances anti-inflamatory effects
✅Regulates the balance of intestinal bacteria
✅Regulates intestinal ph
✅Prevents blood clot




As the major sex hormone in men, it effects are wide ranging and powerful. In the life of a human male, testosterone spikes occur during fetal life, several months after birth and then again for a final time during teen years. It makes boys into men at pubety. It sparks the development of facial and pubic hair, Adams apple, deeper voices, bigger muscles, broader chests. In adults, testosterone is important for sexual desire, erection and sperm production. It also affect other important body function not directly related to sex like maintaining normal blood counts, bone strength, muscle mass and mood.

This is true with the relevant biochemical reactions such as;
YOUR SEX DRIVE – A drop in testosterone doesn’t always interfere with sex, but it can make it more difficult for your brain and body to get aroused. Some men may notice a drop in libido, while others may lose interest in sex completely. Low testosterone can also make it tougher to get or keep an erection.

YOUR SPERM PRODUCTION – Testosterone helps a man’s body make sperm. When the level of the hormone are low, his sperm “count” can be low, too. Without enough sperm, he may not be able to father a child.

FAT DISTRIBUTION – Testosterone is resposible for increased muscle mass. leaner body mass helps control weight and increase energy, In addition testosterone decrease fat mass and increase muscle size and strength.

BONE MASS – Testosterone plays a huge role in bone mineral density. Bone density decreases as men age and testosterone levels frop. This raises the risk of weak bones and ostesoporosis. Strong bones help support your muscles and internal organs, which can boost athletic performance.

Testosterone normally peaks aroung age 20 and then drops by 3-10% each decade. Normal level is 240 – 950 ng/dl.
In recent years, researchers have noticed general links between low testosterone and other medical conditions. One study showed that in 2100 men over age 45, the odds of having low testosterone were; 24 times higher for obese men, 2.1 times higher for men with diabetes, and 1.8 times higher for men with high blood pressure.
Obese men are more likely to have low testosterone. Men with very low testosterone are also more likely to be obese. Fat Cells metabolize testosterone to estrogen which in the long run lowers the testosterone levels. Also obesity reduces levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). A protein that carries testosterone in the blood. Less SHBG means less free testosterone therefore losing weight through exercise can increase testosterone levels.
Also, studies shows that men with low testosterone are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure thus certain amount of testosterone in necessary for health arteries because its converted into estrogen, which protects the arteries from damage.

Let us understand the overview related to risk factors involved when men experiences low testosterone levels;
1. LOW SEX DRIVE – Many men experience declining sex drive as they age and physiology is a factor, hence sexual excitement is cause in part by a rise in testosterone, though other factors contribute. TESTOSTERONE levels rise and fall throughout the day.
2. SPERM PRODUCTION – testosterone helps a mans body make sperm. When levels of the hormones are low, his sperm count can be low too. Without enough sperm, he may npt be able to father a child.
3. ERICTILE DYSFUNCTION – Low testosterone can reduce your ability ti have satisfying sex. Lack of sex drive an erectile dysfunction are sexual problem than result from low testosterone. TESTOSTERONE stimulates the penile tissues to produce nitric oxide, which starts several reactions that result in an erection.
4. FATIGUE – low testosterone can lead to reduced levels of energy and fatigue. A person may feel tired, even after adequate rest or they may develop a dminished interest in exercise or moement.
5. LOSS OF MUSCLE MASS – testosterone plays a role in the development of muscle mass, and reduced levels of the hormone can result in a significant loss of muscle mass.
6. WEIGHT GAIN – a reduction in testosterone can lead to an increase in body fat. In some cases, men with a deficiency of the hormone develop gynecomastia which causes an enlargement of the breasts.
7. FRAGILE BONES – testosterone helps to produce bone tissue and maintain bone volume. Low testosterone can lead to reduction in this volume which can make bones more susceptible to fractures.
8. EMOTIONAL CHANGE – some men have problems like mood changes, poor concentration, an less energy. These symptoms can easily be caused by other health problems though, like anemia, depression and sleep troubles, or a chronic illness.

EURYCOMA Longifolia which is known as tongkat ali is commonly found in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. This plant is famously known for it’s various pharmacological activities. This plant is also reported to consist of various bioactive compounds such as QUASSINOIDS, CANTHINE – 6 – 1 ALKALOIDS, TRITERPENES, SQUALENE DERIVATIVES, S CARBOLINE ALAKALOIDS which are mostly found in the root part.
Tongkat ali i an evergreen slow growing plant which can attain a maximum height of 15-18 m long and start to develop fruit at an approximate age of 2-3 years. This plant species generally believed that it might take upto 25 years before it attains its complete maturation but for commercial use or purposes, the roots are harvested at the age of 4 years old

The plant is also used traditionally by local folks for the treatment of other ailments such as bleeding, cough , fever, anti malarial treatment, ulcer, high blood pressure, fever etc. And all these unique activities performed and tongkat ali is as a result of the presence of very important bioactive compounds known as QUASSINOID.
Tongkat ali have been comfirmed in several studies to exhibit different types of pharmacological effects such as anti malarial, aphrodisiac, anti cancer, ergogenic and toxicity effects.

Traditionally almost all the parts of this plant are used for its various therapeutic purposes but the root is part is the most valuable components that contained the highest concentration of quassinoid. The quassinoid from the major bioactive which are found in this plant species. Apart from the quassinoids, flavonoids which are present in tongkat ali roots. Flavonoids are very important phytochemical or secondary metabolities which have stong anti oxidant, anti allergic, anti inflammatory and anti carcinogenic properties. The valuable components are used for the treatment of various ailments such as sexual insufficiency, dysentery, aches, glandular swelling and persistent fever.

Still on the aspect of recent studies, it was recently proved that tongkat ali can be used to restore testosterone levels, therefore making it to be a natural alternative for the treatment of testosterone deficiency syndrom, the TDS is a deficiency which arises as a result of decline in testosterone leading to fatigue, low libido, osteoporosis or erectile dysfunction and more than 80% of people suffering from this deficiency are as a result of old age.
Henceforth, result shows that consistent intake of alihart provides specific health benefits
1. PREVENT OSTEOSPOROSIS IN MEN – Tongkat ali maybe effective in osteoporosis treatment and prevention, in addition nitric oxide (NO) found in tongkat ali is a regulator of bone formation and resorption.
2. IMPROVE LIVER FUNCTION – Enhances protein synthesis in the liver
3. RELIEVES STRESS (IMPROVE SLEEP) – The root extract reduces cortisol ( stress hormone ) level while also decreasing tenstion, anger and confusion
4. INVREASES MUSCLE STRENGTH AND VITALITY – The root contain compounds called QUASSINOIDS, Including every COMAOSIDE, EURYCOLACTONE, and every COMANONE which may help your body use energy more efficiently reduce fatigue abd improve endurance
5. IMPROVES MALE FERTILTY – tongkat ali enhances male fertility with regard to higher semen volumes, sperm concentration, then percentage of normal sperm morphology and sperm motility in male.


IMMERPLUS FEMMETIMA, a natural approach to women’s health

Before we move on to the benefits if Femmetima, let us first discuss the insights on women’s health with regards with the FEMALE SEX HORMONES.
HORMONES basically are the body’s chemical messages. They help tissues or organs to do their work via travelling to the blood streams. Hormones flow throughtout the whole body but only affect certain cells designed to receive their messages. Meaning each hormones has specialized purpose.
So now that we have an idea of what HORMONE is, let us talk specifically about the FEMALE SEX HORMONES, FEMALE SEX HORMONES play a vital role in maintaing sexual development, reproducton abd woman’s general health.
The ovaries and the adrenal gland are themain producers of female sex hormones. Ovaries -as we all know is located in the female pelvic repoductive organ while the Adrenal glands are small glands located on the top each kidney
Now let us talk about the 3 female sex hormones: ESTROGEN, PROGESTERONE and a small quality of TESTOSTERONE.
Let us first discuss ESTROGEN, ESTROGEN is mainly produced by the OVARIES and the ADRENAL GLANDS. Estrogen helps bring about the physical changes that tum a girl into a woman during puberty, like growth of breast, growth of pubic hair and underams hair and start of menstrual cycle and most importantly estrogen helps control the menstrual cycle and is essential for child bearing.
Aside from the vital role of Estrogen in the female reproductive system estrogen in the brain also boosts the synthesis and function of neurotransmitters that affect sleep, mood, memory, libido and cogntive factors such as learning and attention span.
Estrogen preserves bonemass, and increases HDL (high density lipoprotein) or what we call the good cholesterol. It also preserves the elasticity and moisture conent of the skin, diates blood vessels, and prevents plaque formation in the blood vessel walls.

The second female sex hormones is the PROGESTERONE. This hormone is produce by the ovaries, adrenal gland and the plecenta. Progesterone levels increase during ovulation (refers to the release of egg during menstruation in females) and spike during pregnancy. Progesterone helps stabilize menstrual cycles and prepares the body for pregnancy.

And the third female sex hormones is what we call the testostrone, Although testosterone is the man sex hormones for the male, it is also present in low amounts in females. Testosterone affects fertility, sexual desire, menstruation, tissue, bone mass and cell production.

Aside from the sexual development and production, these female sex hormones are also involved in ;

Sex hormone levels fluctuate throughout a person’s life. Factors that can affect the levels of female sex hormones includes the following:
AGE– As we move through the stages of life, levels of hormones decrease in aging, the most significant changes happens at puberty, pregnancy and menospause
PUBERTY  – is when a part of the brain called the hypothalamus begins to produce a hormone that has an effect on the ovaries causing an increase sex hormones….. Usually females enters puberty between the ages of 9 to 14
2. PREGNANCY– pregnact women experience sudden and dramatic increase of estrogne and progesterone
3. STRESS– Chronic stress affects the concentration of all sex hormones because the body produces stress hormones such as adrenaline at expense of sex hormones. In order to fight stress our body shuts down sex mechanism so that we are better able to deal with urgent and immediate needs. If we frequently face challenges or you are always stress, your body constantly produceing stress hormones. Over time it can cause serious health problems including stomach discomfort, weight gain, weakened immunity, anxiety, depression, loss of sleep and heart disease
4. MENSTRUATION– During menstruation. blood and tissue from the uterus exit the body through the vagina. Estrogen and progesterone levels are very low at this point, and this can cause irritability and mood changes.
5. MENOPAUSE– During perimenopause – the period leading up to menopause – hormone production n your ovaries slow down. Estrogen levels begin to fluctuate while progesterone levels start a steady decline.
As hormone levels drop, your vagina may become less lubricated. Some people experience a decrease in their menstrual cycle become irregular. Once you have reached menopause both estrogen and protesterone are holding steady at low levels. This typically happens around age 45. Decreased hormones after menopause causes your body to experience Vaginal dryness, Hot flashes, Night seats, Sleep problems, Mood changes. Weight gain and slowed metabolism. You may also increase your risk of conditions such as thinning bones (osteoporosis) and cardiovascular disease
6. MEDICATION– Same drugs or medication like cocaine, antidepresant and steroid affects our mood and sexual and cognitive function.

Although hormonal imbalance fluctuate, long term imblances with too little or too much of certain hormones can lead to number of symptoms and conditions such as: READ THE SLIDES

From the list of the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance you may see the similarity to the symptoms of aging, Study shows that, a decrease in anabolic hormones which is include estrogen and anabolic hormones leads to decline in physical function.

Through the understanding what women need to stay youthful healthy and vibrant Immeri launched this amazing product to take care of women.
INTRODUCING A NATURAL ANTI-AGING PRODUCT FOR THE MODERN DAY WOMEN……. IMMERPLUS FEMMETIMA – it is especially formulated to maintain the delicate balance of the female hormone which helps to reduce the signs of aging among women.

KACIP FATIMA is rich in PHYTOESTROGEN and ISOFLAVONES and these are plant-derived compound with estrogenic activity.
Scientific studies found that the medicinal properties and biological activities of Kacip Fatima are due to the presence of phyto-estrogen (plant-based estrogen) that is naturally found in this plant.

So what are the uniqueness of IMMERPLUS FEMMETIMA
The main ingredient in the FEMMETIMA which os the Kacip Fatima is originally from Malaysian Rainforest and it comes with the hghest active ingredients
Scientifically proven its efficacy.Studies has been caried out on the efficacy if Kacip Fatima. From this studies, Kacip Fatima helps in regulating hormones, reducing post menopausal cafdiovascular risk, protecting the skin from UVB irradiation, it helps to increase the production of collagen in the skin and prevent post-menopausal osteoporosis by increasing bone calcium
Though this freeze dried techinique it helps to preserve most of the initial raw material property such as appearance, shape, small, taste and color causes less damage to the substance than other dehydration methods using higher temperature’
Kacip Fatima has been traditionally used by malay women for many generations/
FEMMETIMA is suitable for healthy women, women with hormonal imbalance and post menopausal women.

The benefits of IMMERPLUS FEMMETIMA are:

  • It maintains healthy reproductive system
  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Help tighten and lubricate the vagina
  • Enchance sexual function
  • Helps alleviate menopausal symsptoms
  • Regain body strength
  • Reduce post-menopausal cardiovascular risk
  • Prevents postmenopausal osteoporosis
  • And protect skin from UVB irradiation

2 capsules per day after meals
Works hand in hand with Vaginne to further enhance the health of the female reproductive system
Take note that FEMMETIMA helps to regulate the female sex hormones while VAGINNE helps to enhancce the beneficial bacteria and inhibits the bad bacteria in the vagina.
Femmetima usage can start once a lady hits puberty
Avoid using this product during pregnancy and lactation
For a pregnant woman, they can use this product 3-4 months after delivery



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